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A77R Stage Ribbon - Large Format High Gauss Ribbon Microphone

CAD A77R Overview

Reissuing a classic patented design for its 85th anniversary, CAD has drawn upon this patent to release the A77R, a large-format ribbon microphone operating in a supercardioid pattern. It is capable of capturing frequencies between 30 Hz and 15 kHz, and can handle sound pressure levels of 150 dB and more. Its vintage design has been given a few updates, though—a PowerGap high-gauss magnet and a TrueFlex diaphragm—in order to bring a modern, articulate profile to the original construction.

CAD Audio A77R Features

  • TrueFlex diaphragm for articulate response
  • PowerGap Neodymium magnet for hot signal
  • Reimagined retro presentation of a classic

The A77 is a large diaphragm dynamic side address microphone equipped with a modern tribute to the original capsule — Updated with PowerGap™ high gauss magnet and a TrueFlex™ diaphragm. The update brings modern performance and results in a hot and articulate acoustic profile. The A77R brings the vintage ribbon sound to the A77 style. Pattern Super Cardioid Frequency Response 30Hz – 15KHz Sensitivity -48dBV (3.56mV) @1Pa Principle Dynamic moving coil motor Impedance 500ohms Max SPL >150dB

Analog Performance
Sound Field Mono
Transducer Dynamic
Polar Pattern Supercardioid
Frequency Range 30 Hz to 15 kHz
Maximum SPL Supercardioid: 150 dB SPL
Impedance Supercardioid: 500 Ohms
Sensitivity Supercardioid: -48 dBV/Pa
Weight 2 lb / 0.91 kg