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RHYTHMPACK Professional Drum Microphone Set

About the AKG Rhythm Pack

A tradition of excellence

Over sixty-five years ago, AKG began making microphones that were quickly embraced for their exceptional quality. Today, AKG's emphasis on continuous innovation keeps them in the forefront of microphone technology.

The pro pack

If you're a drummer who doesn't want to be at the mercy of the house soundman, this AKG Rhythm Pack is a worthwhile investment in your sound. The package contains one D112 mic for your kick drum, three D40 mics for the rack and floor toms, and two C430 overhead mics for cymbals. AKG includes a heavy-duty aluminum carrying case that protects all microphones and clips. These time-tested microphones will make your drums shine in the mix.

What's in the box:

  • Three D40 dynamic microphones
  • Two C430 condenser microphones
  • D112 dynamic bass microphone
  • Three H440 brackets (for D40)
  • Three SA60 stand adapters (for C430 and D112)
  • Two W32 foam windscreens (for C430)
  • Hard case
  • D40 User Instructions
  • C430 User Instructions
  • D112 User Instructions
  • AKG Microphone Guide

The Rhythm Pack professional drum microphone set contains everything you need to professionally pick up a complete drum set. 1 x D112 bass drum microphone 2 x C430 for overheads 3 x D40 for toms, snare and more The D112 has earned a well-deserved reputation worldwide as the best kick drum microphone ever made. The versatility of the D40 will stand up to night-after-night onstage use. The C430 is compact with a uniquely crisp sound. This complete set comes in a protective aluminum carrying case.

Pack includes:

  • one D112 mic for kick drum, bass guitar, and other low-frequency instruments
  • two C430 mics for cymbals and overhead recording
  • three D40 mics for rack and floor toms
  • all clamps and stand adapters
  • protective aluminum carrying case