band-recorder-YRS-82 SOPRANO RECORDER

band-recorder-YRS-82 SOPRANO RECORDER

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Yamaha 80 Series Wooden Soprano
Recorder Key of C

Baroque Double
holes arched windway handcrafted
3-piece kingwood

  • Three-piece construction; arched windway that has slight resistance when you play for better breath control, which gives greater tonal expressivity and projection, and facilitates good response
  • Handcrafted kingwood, with simulated ivory rings
  • Unique bore taper and refined undercut tone hole design for extraordinary richness and remarkably balanced response
  • Baroque fingering, in Key of C
  • Protective case include

Many players insist on the tonal questions of natural wood. When it has been specially seasoned, natural wood creates a tone of great depth; a tone that is warm, glowing, alive. Yamaha offers a complete line- up of wooden recorders, from our inexpensive 40 series to handmade models that will satisfy the most demanding professional soloist.