drums-K-MA-UF22-(BK, BL)1 Maple Shell Kits Solid Sparkles DRUM SET

drums-K-MA-UF22-(BK, BL)1 Maple Shell Kits Solid Sparkles DRUM SET

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Original Lacquer kits are made of 100% Maple shells and are available in Blue Sparkle (BL), Black Sparkle (BK), Red Sparkle (RE), Silver Sparkle (SI). 10x8", 12x9"", 16X16", 22x18

We are very happy to have Natal Drums at Cricket Music. We can't emphasize enough how impressed we are with the build quality, finishing and sound of these drums. These drums come from the factory in immaculate packing, everything is very well labelled, lubricated and it is obvious from the get go that the guys behind Natal (Marshall Amplification here in the UK) care deeply about their relatively new drum brand.

Here we have one of the top line Maple Originals kits, these drums are pro level drums that come in at an incredible price. The finishing of the shells, the bearing edges, the chroming and metal parts are all second to none. The 7 ply maple shells deliver bright high tones through to warm sub low tuning with absolute ease.

The Maple Originals kit comes out of the box with a full set of Evans Drum Heads adding further value. All the shell mounted hardware is very well built, we particularly love the mounting systems and the bass drum spurs! The tom clamps which are included (a rare thing nowadays) are probably the best approach we’ve seen to the ball socket type L-arm clamp type design, The roller balls are metal construction, making them quick and easy to position and fantastic to lock.

Each tom has two die cast Natal badges featuring the ‘Sun’ logo. The bass drum also features a wood I.D. badge, the beautiful chrome-plated zinc ‘sun’ lugs are another beautiful detail. Natal also offer their own integrated suspension system which is attached very discreetly to two of the lugs, the mount is then isolated by two rubber grommets allowing the drums to resonate freely whilst maintaining a more rigid and predictable tom mount that is far easier to use than many of the other isolation systems on the market that often have a great deal of lift that can make tom placement more of a guessing game.

This is going to be a great kit for anybody who wants great looks, durability and sound quality. Natal have a growing list of impressive endorsers and with an instrument as well priced and good quality as this it’s no wonder!