har-24480-C/G HARMONICA

har-24480-C/G HARMONICA

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Seydel Sampler Harmonica 3 Full
Octaves Half-Valving, Full sound w/
stainless-steel reeds acrylic comb
air-tight Keys of C/G

The SEYDEL SAMPLER is a real must have for the ambitious melody-player: 
One instrument in two keys and three full octaves available.

The SAMPLER is the ideal instrument for playing popular melodies, Folk-music and Irish Folk and a real new challenge for all lovers of the "Chromatic Blues Sound"! The slider switches between two keys (C and G).

- solo-tuning in the keys of C and G

- three fulll oktaves in two keys*, conveniently swichable with the slider or lockable

- half-valving, some important bending notes (Bending: technique for lowering the notes) 

- full sound, thanks to the Stainless-Steel reeds for dynamic playing and good tone response

- corrosion-free German Silver reedplates

- precision made acrylic comb – very airtight and durable

- optimized free-moving and air-tight slider-mechanism with innovative locking device for optional fixing of the pressed slider

- ergonomic mouthpiece with round holes (silver plated) for lip-friendly playing 

- corrosion-free Stainless Steel covers, opened wide at the back for optimized sound projection

- variable slider setting: if the slider is turned 180° the instrument plays in G (open slider) and C (slider depressed) (default is C-->G after swapping the slider G-->C) - the mouthpiece must be unmounted to switch over the slider.