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Hohner CX-12 Chromatic Harmonica

Black, Key of C Molded 1-piece hous-
ing delivers warm, round tone

Hohner CX12 Chromatic Harmonica 7545C

This award winning model is the latest addition to Hohner's line of chromatics.

Unique in both styling and sound, the Hohner CX12 Chromatic Harmonica's molded, one-piece housing provides a warm, round tone, smooth mouthpiece and a non-slip cover surface for better handling. A revolutionary design utilizes a back mounted spring plate which eliminates the need for mouthpiece and cover screws. The result is an optimal slide action and an improvement in compressing, producing quicker response, greater volume and an exceptional ease in note bending.

Finally, service and cleaning is a snap! The Hohner CX12 Chromatic Harmonica's four major parts can be disassembled and reassembled in seconds, without the use of tools, by following the simple instructions included in the carrying case. Specifications: Range: 3 Octaves (12 holes)