or-violin-175A-4/4 VIOLIN
or-violin-175A-4/4 VIOLIN

or-violin-175A-4/4 VIOLIN

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Becker Violin Outft Prelude w TKL Zero
Gravity Case & wood horsehair bow 4/4

Our most popular Violin outfit. Selected seasoned woods, graduated solid spruce top back and sides, shop adjusted maple pegs, hardwood fingerboard and maple tailpiece, fully fitted Aubert bridge, four Wittner string adjusters, maple chin rest & end pin, wood trim and scroll, TKL Zero Case Glasser horsehair bow, Wittner tailpiece adjuster, Becker rosin D'Addario Prelude strings.

Product description

Crated in Romania from fine tonewoods, these Becker instruments are every bit as beautiful visually as they are aurally. At Becker's workshop skilled craftsmen honoring centuries-old tradition, hand-carve and graduate each instrument.

  • Graduated solid spruce top, solid maple back and sides, solid maple neck and scroll
  • Inlaid purling, ebony pegs, nut, fingerboard, and tailpiece
  • String adjusters (4) and nylon tailpiece adjuster
  • Maple bridge and composite chinrest
  • Includes TKL Zero Gravity case and wood horsehair bow